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In TRDEKOR; we increase our potential and continue to provide attentive service to our customers by gaining experience day by day in furniture design and applications. We continue our works with service understanding that makes living areas functional and materials in accordance with EU Norms by the help of our experienced and specialist team using the most modern production techniques.

In the exclusive projects we have done, we offer our services without compromising on quality by responding to the expectations of our customers according to their satisfaction and reliance in the best possible way. Our understanding of customer satisfaction which we care a lot makes the biggest contribution to our development, renewal and growth while positioning us as a reliable brand.

While fulfilling both our project-based and individual customer demands with our high quality and reliability policy, we increase our capacity with our consistent investments and we always protect our objective of bearing achievements to domestic and foreign markets.

With the awareness of commercial ethics and social responsibilities, we continue our works by following the productions of design and functionality oriented furniture and innovations by meeting customer expectations.


TRDEKOR carries out its production in accordance with modern technology and contemporary production techniques and European Union standards. Our facility has the hardware and infrastructure to use and process all kinds of raw materials and materials related to furniture.Thanks to its flexible production structure, TRDEKOR can offer different options to our customers in the area of furniture and decoration. We also fulfill our responsibilities regarding occupational safety and environmental policy in the best way during production and assembly.


TRDEKOR also has significant experience and potential in project works. It carries out all the furniture and decoration works of the comprehensive projects which require sensitivity and specialty like the villas, apartments, hotels, tourist complexes, education buildings, business centers, conference halls, health buildings, shops, airports and banks with great care.